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Hey there! I'm EPHEMERALD, or Eph for short. I've been "surfing the web" for over fifteen years, starting out with various wikis and internet encyclopedias before lurking on subreddits for the media I most enjoyed and reading webcomics. The only places I seriously posted on were a couple of Internet forums, and then I turned to reskins of IRC and Discord. I've never really had a "website of my own" before, save for a Wordpress I used to host some of my fiction and some Pastebins / Google Docs linking things together. But, like, those don't count. This is the real deal! It's exciting!!

I have a degree in comics that I picked up off the street and framed, and have been making comics of my own for... well, over fifteen years. Go figure. I started because I saw that Sonic the Hedgehog had hundreds of comics so I was like, "why doesn't Mario have any?!" So I made some. Now I'm working on my own original story, CHOSEN, which I plan to put online soon. If you already know what CHOSEN is and know me, please look forward to it! If you don't already know what CHOSEN is, then... please look forward to it anyway!

I should probably say right off the bat that I don't have much experience in coding, so almost all of this site is the handiwork of Bear, my partner. Without him and his steadily growing fascination with the indie web, this site wouldn't exist! Not because I would have no desire to make one (though he certainly made me more excited to have a site), but because I couldn't have made it. To me, all programming is black magic, and even typing in this box and seeing all these tags and colors is making my head spin. You'd think that posting on forums and dealing with BBCode and HTML markup and all that shit would inoculate me to this, but I guess not!

Anyway, this site is basically a place for me to host a lot of my writings, including short stories, blog posts, my own dreams, and, most prominently, reviews! I have a fairly sizable backlog of album reviews I'm going to be bringing here, and after that I plan to make a whole lot more. I'll also have a small gallery for some of my comics, doodles, and other such things. Not entirely sure what to put there, but I'll make it work.

In the event that you visited this page after going through all the others because it's last on the navigation bar, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your stay. There's always gonna be more and more content being added here, so hopefully every newcomer that visits will take longer and longer to reach this. If you visited this page first because it said "ABOUT," then... What are you doing?! You really need to get your priorities in order! I'm the least interesting part of this site, trust me! But, to reward you for making it this far, here's a list of some of my interests. I guess you've earned it.